ORAFOL HR POL09 Email Internet Social Media Policy


The purpose of the ORAFOL Australia Pty Ltd Email, Internet Usage and Social Media Policy is to provide a framework and guidelines for ORAFOL Australia Pty Ltd Management and employees when engaging and operating with these forms of technology.

ORAFOL Australia Pty Ltd recognises the need to have a policy which ensures that employees who use Email, Internet and Social Media either as part of their job or in a personal capacity, have guidance as to the Organisation’s expectations where the engagement is about ORAFOL Australia Pty Ltd, its products and services, its people, its competitors and/or other business-related individuals or Organisations.  


This policy applies to all ORAFOL Australia Pty Ltd employees (including previous employees), contractors and to any other person who is notified that this Organisation Policy applies to them. 


Personal Access

A small amount of non-company use is permissible for emergencies only, provided that it does not detract from your performance and everyday work.  Please keep the personal use of email, internet and phone during work hours to a minimum.

Access Controls

Computer access (including email and other services) is controlled through individual accounts and passwords.  It is the responsibility of each employee to protect the confidentiality of their account and password information.  However, as an authorised user you should not have an expectation of privacy.  All messages remain subject to inspection and review by ORAFOL Australia Pty Ltd at any time. 

Email Guidelines/Usage

Email is defined as all technologies used to transfer messages; including email, instant messaging and peer-to-peer file exchange. Email is a tool for business communications, which users have a responsibility to use in an efficient, effective, ethical and lawful manner. Email is inherently not secure, and sensitive or confidential material should not be sent through the electronic mail system unless it is encrypted.

Users of the email system should follow these guidelines and conventions to ensure professionalism and appropriateness:


Spam is unsolicited junk mail and is usually intended to achieve or support a sale of some kind, but the content can be almost anything including viruses;

Sending Messages

Message Interpretation

Professional duty

Strictly Prohibited

 Use of the email system in the following manner (as an example) is strictly prohibited and may warrant disciplinary action:

Internet Usage 

The Internet is to be used in a manner that is consistent with ORAFOL Australia Pty Ltd standards of business conduct and as part of the normal execution of an employee’s job responsibilities and needs.   As a condition of continued employment, each user is personally responsible to ensure that these guidelines are followed.  Management has the right to access the system to check if private use is excessive or inappropriate.  No individual should have any expectation of privacy in terms of his or her usage of the Internet.  In addition, ORAFOL Australia Pty Ltd may restrict access to certain sites that it considers are not for business purposes. 

Strictly Prohibited

Use of the Internet in the following manner (as an example) is strictly prohibited and may warrant disciplinary action:

Without the approval of the Information Systems Business Partner, software must not be downloaded from the Internet as the download could introduce a virus onto the network, infringe copyright laws and take up limited storage space.

 Mobile Phone

ORAFOL Australia Pty Ltd recognises the use of mobile phones during working hours for personal emergencies.  For all employees, the usage of mobile phones should be kept to a minimum and only be used during designated break times.

Outside of emergencies, mobile phones are not permitted to be used for phone calls, personal text messaging, accessing personal social media accounts or other uses (such as viewing or streaming any content) whilst the employee is undertaking work and not on a designated break. 

Social Media
What does Social Media include?

 Social media can offer the opportunity for people to gather in online communities of shared interest and create, share or consume content.  Social media is a general term used to describe the tools and forms of publishing that are based on an interaction or conversation online between an author and active readers.  ORAFOL Australia Pty Ltd recognizes that social media can offer new opportunities to engage in conversations with customers and clients and other professional communities with shared interests and embraces it as an important tool or business engagement.

 Social Media – Stop and Think

This policy offers guidelines intended to protect the interests of employees and the Organisation.  In brief, this policy requests that when using social media you take responsibility for ensuring that any references to ORAFOL Australia Pty Ltd are factually correct and accurate and do not breach confidentiality requirements and that you show respect for the individuals and communities with which you interact.

It is important to note that this policy also applies to employees’ personal use of social media platforms even where the employee makes no reference to ORAFOL Australia Pty Ltd related issues.

Professional Use of Social Media

ORAFOL Australia Pty Ltd expects its employees to maintain a certain standard of behaviour when using Social Media for work or personal purposes.

 Employee engagement with social media

All employees are encouraged to connect with the ORAFOL Australia Pty Ltd social media profiles (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn) and make themselves aware of the latest news and offerings posted. Employees are also encouraged to engage with social media to stay in touch with marketplace activities that relate to clients and potential clients.

When using any social media platform, if you see there is a need or opportunity to represent the organisation please seek approval from the relevant Manager.

Social media tools

For the purposes of this policy, social media tools include (but not limited to):

Private/Personal Use of Social Media

ORAFOL Australia Pty Ltd acknowledges its employees, contractors and sub-contractors have the right to contribute content to public communications on websites, blogs and business or social networking sites not operated by ORAFOL Australia Pty Ltd.  However, inappropriate behaviour on such sites has the potential to cause damage to ORAFOL Australia Pty Ltd, as well as its employees, clients, business partners and/or suppliers.

For this reason, all employees, contractors and sub-contractors of ORAFOL Australia Pty Ltd must agree to not publish any material, in any form, which identifies themselves as being associated with ORAFOL Australia Pty Ltd or its clients, business partners or suppliers.

All employees, contractors and sub-contractors of ORAFOL Australia Pty Ltd must also refrain from posting, sending, forwarding or using, in any way, any inappropriate material including but not limited to material which:

For all employees, access to non-work-related social media platforms should only be undertaken during designated break times.

Responsibility and Respect

You are personally responsible and liable for the content of any posts or comments you make online.   Therefore, you have a responsibility to ensure that respect is maintained at all times; including the publication of photos of other employees and any comments made must adhere to our ‘Appropriate Behaviours Policy’ (POL01) including defamation, discrimination, harassment, bullying and victimisation.  This is also in accordance with our Privacy Policy (POL07) and ‘Confidentiality Form’ (FOR07).

Breach of Policy

A breach of this policy will be addressed by Management and Standard Disciplinary procedures may apply, refer to Performance Management Procedure (PRO04).

Relevant Law 

Copyright Act 1968, Spam Act 2003, Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998